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When there are no streets

returning from Alpentag.
after spending the day rolling brush down a mountain… imagine us on a very steep, grass covered alp, throwing Alder branches and pushing precariously balancing piles with our feet to send them sliding down.
all for the community, for the farmers who spend their summers milking the cows and goats (and our two donkeys) that are sent to the alp and making cheese. there aren’t enough goats anymore and so the alder are taking over and with out the human capital of 150 teenagers, the farmers wouldn’t be able to keep the alp clear.



beneath towering glacial peaks
we bathed in a river of icy water
reunited with our earthly skins
we emerged through walls of stone
returning to a world of human scale

Aareschluct. Switzerland. August 2008

love notes

an inaugural post dedicated to
public declarations of love
powerful reminders
of the humanity that bonds us all

Berlin. March 2008

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